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Even though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cove

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Even though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, if the cover is gorgeous, it can get several glances from the readers. In the same way, Aluminum Foil for Cable Manufacturers if the exterior of your home is attractive and beautiful, it will have a huge fan following in the neighborhood. To improve the curb appeal of your home, you have to keep the landscape neat and paint the exterior with exquisite colors. And, siding is an important part of every home’s exterior. So, it is essential to paint it and keep it shining forever.

Painting Aluminum Siding: Myths that lead to a Bad Painting Job

When you are painting aluminum siding, remember that it is a labor-intensive job. If you believe a myth, you will have to spend additional money on re-painting the surface. Also, by the time you realize your mistake, the ideal exterior painting weather may be over and you will have to wait for the next summer to begin painting. It will leave your home looking ugly for a whole year. So, stay sharp and do not fall for the following myths:

Myth no. 1 - Aluminum Siding is DIY Paint Job

Homeowners love taking up DIY jobs over the weekends. They often consider painting a DIY job. But, when it comes to aluminum siding, it is best to let the experts take a go at it. Painting the siding is not as simple as painting the patio furniture or the kitchen cabinets. In any exterior painting job, adequate and accurate preparation is the key. If you do not remove the chalkiness from the surface, you will end up with a shoddy paint job. You may use ammonia-based products that react with aluminum and leave bubbles on the surface. Also, you may use high gloss paint that will reflect the sun’s glare and draw unnecessary attention to the siding.

Myth no. 2 – All Homes have Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is a popular material for wall siding. It is commonly used to withstand cold conditions of Toronto because it doesn’t crack in harsh weather. But, it is not the only option for siding or wall cladding. Your home may have vinyl siding or wood siding. Even stone, stucco and steel are few of the options. Now, you can easily find out if the siding is wood, stone or stucco. Distinguishing between vinyl and aluminum can be difficult especially when the aluminum siding is relatively new. Usually, vinyl siding does not require paint and if you scratch the surface, you will not find a different color beneath it. But, if you scratch the enamel surface of aluminum, bare metal will be noticeable.

Myth no. 3 – There is no need to choose a Specific Paint Product for Aluminum.

Painting an aluminum surface requires choosing the best quality of primer and paint. You may buy paint products of highest quality. But, if you choose the wrong type, it will ruin the beauty of the siding and in the end, your home. The important thing while working on aluminum siding is to choose an oil-based primer that will provide an additional protection to the surface. Even, acrylic primers can work well. But, if you choose them, make sure to buy acrylic paint. It is best to avoid latex-based paint because they contain ammonia.

Now that you know all about the myths associated with painting aluminum siding, you are ready to give a new color to your home. Remember that painting your home, whether it is the interior or the exterior of your property, is an art. Make well-thought decisions, hire an expert painter and get ready for a beautiful shining home.

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